Did you know? That what your school teachers told you was wrong! Your science teacher said that alchemists didn’t know what they were doing and everything was made of four elements. Guess who is the one in the dark!?!

Alchemists were actually astrolgers/ students of astrology. They were not trying to turn lead into gold. They were actually working on spiritual research. But if the church had known this, they would have ended up doing nasty things to these researchers. How to carry on the research without incurring the wrath of the church? Simple! Tell the priest man “we are trying to make gold!” and of course that would help the church a lot! And all the squiggly things they kept writing? Well thats just abbreviation for their notes. They didn’t let on that they were using symbols for planets and stars in their studies of astrology. These symbols, called glyphs, are till today used in the study and research of astrology. So the sign aries is depicted as a ram’s horn, and so on.

They were so good at hiding the true nature of their studies, that the church and scientists still don’t see the truth!

What a laugh!