Each life starts almost the same. We are born, we learn things to get around in the world. We form plans on how we would like our life to pan out; and thats the clincher…

Most often, our life plans are based on the law of averages. So like an average person, we plan to get a job/make a living, get married, have kids and so on.

But when the hell has THAT happened. Each life deviates from this line of job, marriage and kids etc. And unfortunately, everytime the life story deviates from this plan, we end up feeling like losers.

Perhaps we should be teaching our kids that there is no perfect life. And the average life is a illusion. No life is true to it. Each life has its own twists and turns. So take each twist and turn as it comes, and chuck the planning out the window. Its the plans for future that really ruin our enjoying our life.

Wot say?