Tower of London

From the looks of it, a world heritage city, and a beautiful historical structure. It is a mix of higgeledy piggeledy towers, each built in a different era, conforming to the architectural norms of the period. The tower of london may appear a romantic castle, but is prison, with a very horrific and bloody history.

The history of the british monarchy is filled with stories of murder, betyrayal, beheadings and what not. Each tower with many tales of horror. Personally I find the tale of two little princes to be the most horrific one.  The story of the murder of the two little princes. King Edward V (Age 13) and his little brother Richard, Duke of York who were Political prisoners in the tower.

Quite shaken after that story, the tower lost its charm to me … 

Read more about the gory history of the tower and the two little princes here.

Princes in the Tower