Baby on computer

Researchers are coming up with answers that I always knew. Even web-savvy customers will NOT buy insurance online.

One keeps getting flooded with mailers and offers to log online and buy insurance from insurers. Although like any other tech-savvy consumer, I use these websites to gather information and do my home-work, but I would NEVER BUY it online from these websites. The mere nature of this product requires long term investment. The promises made by the insurer need to be maintained for a long time after the purchase has been made.

So if I need a long term product like insurance I will still pick up the phone and put a face on the insurer. Although these days insurance agents in India are also not that reliable. But that’s a subject for another blog.

Meanwhile, if you are interested, read the full report on this topic in the article by Bill Keneally.

Insurance Technology: Then and Now