Was just watching the bollywood smash hit “Chak de”. The movie revolves around story of a scraggly bunch of state level women hockey players, that get coached (bulldozed more like it) into becoming a world class national team.

One has to say, the scene where the Indian women’s hockey team get together and beat up a group of eve teasers is just too good. I am all for non violence, but the problem of eve teasing is a constant irritant in the streets of India. As a woman I had to personally learn martial arts to feel safe on the roads. Its another matter that I liked martial arts. But lets save that topic for another blog. I seem to have digressed a little.

The sight of a couple of feminine (and not so feminine) looking women hockey playesr bashing up eve teasers was very gladdening. It warmed the cockles of my heart. Go woman power. Wish I could see more of that off screen in real life.

Three cheers!