teen bahuraniyan

The k serials produced by Ekta Kapoor and other such soaps are a great guide for todays urban women, on managing their in-laws.

Was just chatting with a friend today. And she said something that I have come to realize in the last couple of years. The writers of ekta kapoor serials may all be writing about the same old topic. The mother in law- daughter in law relationship. But the situations they write into their serials the manipulations scheming in-laws do on TV are not that far from today’s indian reality. Many a times not just me, but many of my friends have felt this. That we should follow these serials like a bible and learn from them. On how to manage your in-laws and give your marriage a fighting chance.

Our generation has learnt how to manage our careers in schools and colleges. but in this race to be equal to the men, in a male dominated society, we lost out on the art of managing your in-laws. There are tips and tricks and even whole dialogs in these serials that one an use to save themselves, whenever sticky situations arise with the in-laws.

Indian women of today, don’t take this lightly. Watching TV soaps like “kuynki saas bhi ..”, “Mayka, Saath zindagi bhar ka” and “Teen bahuraniyan” might just save your married life!

It was my duty to say this. Those who do not take this seriously, I feel sorry for you, and good luck for the rough ride ahead with your in-laws.