spitbabyWhatever mom does, the baby does too. So if mommy smokes, the baby does too. No no no! Stop! Before you start getting images of little sweet innocent babies with the cigarette hanging out of their mouth…heaven forbid!

A latest study conducted shows that babies of mothers who smoked, sleep less. The nicotine inhaled by the mother gets transferred to the baby via mother’s milk. Most mothers quit smoking while they are pregnant. And if you hadn’t. I am sure the doctors would have been on your case forever! But smoking is not contra-indiacted after delivery (during breats feeding). And that is the root of this whole jing bang and babies not napping long enough.

This whole thing is a vicious circle if you ask me. For mothers used to the nicotine rush…If they smoke, the babies won’t sleep long enough and will get up more often, giving the poor mothers more reason to smoke and relax when they DO sleep. The more they smoke, the more the babies wont sleep… you see where this is going?

hmmm…. I tell you motherhood can test the patience of a saint! The only solution I see is that the superwoman will that mothers showed during pregnancy will have to be continued a little longer during breastfeeding.