Had been literally loosing it lately. Till now the best way I had tackled emotional pain was to ignore it and it would die down in a while. But when it got too much decided to go the other way for once and examine my pain, and let it take over me.

Bad bad bad decision. I had been right the first time. When I let the emotional stuff take over, it nearly smothered me. I had been right in being cautious of the intensity of my emotions. Like a true Scorpio, the intensity of my emotions if allowed to run wild can be fatal. 

As a result, I was writing really dark poems and plunged to the depths of misery. Then like a jolt of lightening, a comment on one of my poems on this blog woke me up (thanks Marquita and Nova). I turned around to see that by wallowing in my misery I was wasting my life and of those around me.

So its back to keeping busy with the trivial. The cause of my misery is still too big for me to lock up and forget. But ignore it I can, and ignore it I will. Till maybe a few years on I have the strength to face it again.

Till then, thank the lord that we live in the busy world of today. The speed of today’s world barely lets one catch their breath. And that is exactly what someone like me needs. The rush and the bustle of the trivial.

So here’s to loosing your life in the trivialities of everyday. The soothing and numbing trivialities.