Google trends, is a cool tool that maps the trends in items/keywords searches on Google search engine.  The search engine has one of the biggest shares in the market. So the kind of trends it can come up with are undoubtedly going to be amazing, and closer to reality.

Google trendsThe tool offers trend analysis of items being searched on Google a’la graphs and bar charts. However, that is about it. If one wanted to use this information to fuel a marketing campaign, one would be hard pressed for details.

The tool, launched almost a year back (I know that’s REALLY OLD in internet age!) only gives a graphical view of the trends, but no information on the chart scale or actual volumes. But then that would be letting the cat out of the bag, won’t it?

A lot of Google’s business relies on this data to choose effective search terms for its advertisers. Displaying the information on a free-to-all-the-world tool will be silly! So till the time, google trends becomes a paid tool for advertisers, all this tool will be, is a cool toy.

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