Ever wondered why the beautiful women find it difficult to find happiness in relationships?

The men in their life were attracted to them because of their outer beauty.  Different types of men are attracted to her beauty for different reasons. None, however are able to make her happy.

Types of men:

  • Rich Or Famous (Or better still rich AND famous): If a man is rich or famous, he treats the woman as a trophy. Now being regarded as a trophy can’t be a very happy position for long.
  • Handsome: If a man is good looking, he wants a Barbie doll to complement his looks. The Barbie doll in question being a full grown person, mouths opinions, much to the shock of the man. Consequently Barbie doll is not happy.
  • Not handsome/rich/famous: If a man is not the handsome/rich/famous variety, and does manage to land a good looking woman, he suffers from inferiority complex. Now the poor woman either has to hide her beauty or bear the jealousy and complexes of her man.

Moral of the story. It is easy to fall prey to the adulation and wooing piled on her by the men smitten by her looks. But a woman needs to look beyond. I am not saying women should go after men who are indifferent to her. Just men who have some level of maturity. Enough maturity to appreciate the beautiful outer shell, but not be blinded by it. Men who will look at as well as beyond good looks. And men who will cherish the whole woman in her entirety. A tall order indeed. But when did I say finding happiness was easy!