Birthday cakeThere was a time when on the 12th of every month I remember asking my mom if it was my birthday. And could I have my birthday party today! How cute and silly I must have sounded.

But those days are long gone. With time, I grew older, less cuter, and more worldly wise. (There is so much meaning to the word ‘worldly wise’). So now birthdays make me sad. Several reasons for this turn around in my feelings for my birrthday. My top 6 list of reasons is:

1. Of course the number of candles on my cake keeps increasing every year. Although my friends keep assuring me that I dont look it! But what else can friends say!

2. The number of calls you get in the middle of the night reduces as your friends grow old with you. They are probably conked off with their insomnia medicines!!! (Thank god! as you yourself popped one sleeping pill just an hour before midnight anyway!)

3. You feel you are too old to blow out birthday candles, cut the cake and grin around foolishly while everyone sings happy birthday. That’s really sad!!!

4. Your birthday is no longer the biggest day in your year.  The day you get a new job or a new cellphone seems better.

5. The people who call up one after another to wish you are not your real friends. Just colleagues.

6. And I absolutely hate the sentence that follows a birthday wish. “So whats the plan for the day.” Damn! Now I have to appear cheerful and happy about today and do something special to make it look like I am SO glad this day is here! Yikes!!! You obviously can’t say ‘Nothing’, that just makes you look sad, like you have no life! 🙂

I would rather just chill out at home with a good book and a hot cup of tea, in this delhi winter, while my lil one is either asleep (High hopes!) or out playing in the park. Ah! Now that image gives me a warm happy feeling.