Its so simple to be complex, yet so difficult to be simple.

We waste so much energy, spending all the moments of our life in a frenzy, trying to embellish things. If our life was a simple sentence in English, we would be spending our lifetime adding exclamation marks and what not to it. Trying to make it more complex. But complexity does not mean depth, complexity just means more clutter.

Each moment that passes by, as explained very well by Dan on his blog, is as simple as it can be. However we keep burdening the moment that is right now, with the moments gone by or yet to come. So we repent the past and worry for the future. But we never simply live in the present moment which is all that you really have in your hand.

Ah! It is so difficult to let go of the complexities. They are the only things that make one feel that they are in control of whats going on around them. But once you let go, you find pleasure in life’s simplicities. Damn thats difficult!