SunshineThank you GOD for this morning.  After a long time I just woke up and I felt peace.  No sorrowful feelings about the past.  (GOD and my best friends know how tough and dark some moments of my past have been.)  And to top it I didn’t worry about the future either. That is one heck of a hobby I have, worrying about the future.  (And these days I have a lot more than normal to worry about anyway.)

I was at peace in those moments, and didn’t need something special or good to happen to make me happy.  Although the fact that nothing bad happened either also was a factor in this peace.  (I think waking up a little earlier and not having to rush through my morning also had something to do with it! )  🙂

Thank you GOD for those lovely moments. 

(Fingers crossed that may I be blessed with such moments again in my life!)