This is the first time I am writing anything about movies in this blog.  Its not that I hate movies.  Its just that since I started this blog, whats being played in the local cinemas is not worth the mention.

Jab We MetJab we met is one movie that all my friends recommended as a really cute and good flick.  However I was not able to go watch it due to some reason or the other.  Last night I was listening to the movie’s music in peace for the first time.  My lil one is crazy about Deewangi song of OSO.  So I never get to listen to anything else, these days 🙂

I never knew music could actually make me want to watch the whole movie.  The music was so beautiful, that I wanted to know how it was picturised.  And also got curious about the story in the movie, that wove its way around these songs.  I guess its nothing new these days, that people go to watch bollywood movies to watch the songs.  But it must be said, that if the music can drag someone as lazy as me to want to go watch the movie, it must be good.