While blankly staring at the TV screen, her thoughts took an unexpected turn.  Despite all that her well wishers told her, she would never wish her life story to be anyone else’s.  Even though all the mishaps or misfortunes to befall her are quiet common. 

Almost half the women in today’s time would be sitting alone in their homes at night, while their children slept, and they sipped tea or watched TV, tired with bearing the responsibilities of life.  This is so common now.  Half the children grow up seeing their mothers grow old and tired and disillusioned like this.  Some women fight and put on a brave face, while others crumble.  But the pain is there, always. 

All those around her applaud her strength.  They say; “Look at her.  You should live life like this!”  In this equation of life v/s she, although she has been strong and taken all the punches standing up, life has not been fair.  Life seems to have been tougher to her than to the less stronger around her.  And although she is thankful to GOD for giving her the strength to roll with these punches, she wishes life had not been so rough on her.

As children with their whole life ahead of them, no one dreams of this… this night… these moments… 

As a child, not only did she want or pray for a life like this, she would never wish it on any of her children… In-fact her only prayer to GOD would be to spare her children the trials of a life like this…

However, as far as she is concerned, this is it.  This IS her life.  She may keep trying all her life to improve, and maybe make up for the hurt and pain.  But that’s it…. What has already happened cannot be erased.  So she had better get used to coming across lonely moments like these, every now and then.  She will have to accept her life, accept the pain and the worries of bringing up her children alone.  She will have to accept her life.  Even if it has been a life like this.