This weekend was different.  Usually work keeps her busy 10 hours a day, and her weekends are busy finishing personal duties.  But this weekend the weather forced her to stay indoors, and at home. 

The walls of her small and cramped house closed in on her.  Even the laughter of her toddler could not raise her out of the gloom.  Everything around her was miserable.  The cramped house, the inconsequential surroundings, her inability to change these surroundings… and give her son a place where he could grow, enough space to run around, and a life that consisted of more than just the small house and a big TV for company.  He wasn’t exactly wilting, just that he deserved better.

This had been a hard weekend for her.  At-least during the week, she can pretend that the work is hectic… and she doesn’t have the time to realize how miserable her life really is.  But she couldn’t ignore it this weekend.  A heavy rock settled on her heart on Saturday morning.  And it stayed there all weekend. 

Its Sunday night, and she is looking forward to Monday.  A day when she can get up early in the biting cold, rush through dressing up and be off to work… off and away from the reality of her life….

Thank God for Mondays!