aravs-uk-trip-2007-048.jpgI wonder why I never wrote about bankside before.  A walkway of streets along the Thames, full of so many sights and sounds that sweep over you!  As one of the touristy descriptions of the area goes… its everything from Shakespear to Bridget Jones!  The walk where trade, money-making and merry-making were stirred together!

My favorite memory of bankside is a sunny weekend in June 2007, when quiet by chance we ended up spending an entire day, doing nothing except stroll along the Thames from the Millennium Bridge to the London Bridge station.

Unlike the other stretches of walkways along Thames (either side) on that sunny afternoon we saw a beautiful and colourful London life.  The square structures of the Tate Museum did not impress the romantic in me.

But thankfully we walked on, and came across beautiful cobbled streets with colourful flowers flowering profusely from the hanging pots.  The Shakespeare Globe Theater adding a touch of drama.

The hot afternoon spent licking different (even weird) flavors of italian ice-creams from a riverside ice-cream window… walking under a bridge, where a string quartet sat playing pieces of music that I did not recognise.  But which nonetheless thrilled me to bits that warm afternoon.

Walking past a dreary looking cobbled street, that housed the ancient clink prison!

Coming across the ‘Golden Hinde‘ where a group of children dressed as bandits (out on a picnic of their own) pranced around singing pirate songs… then the beauty of the Southwark cathedral almost hidden round the next corner… with violet and red flower beds separating it from the noisy stalls of boroughs market. 

Feasting on the street food bought off the stalls in the market… walking down cobbled streets with names like borough’s high street and tooley’s street. 

Getting tipsy in vinopolis …. seeing heaven in the Menier Chocolate Factory … ooh!

That day and that walk reassures me, that I lived a piece of London.  Not just the touristy London of Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing street, but the real London… and a beautiful and warm London at that!

I hear that the ‘Frost Fair‘ in december 2007 was just as fun as the summer weekends on the bankside are!