dancing_girl_silhouette.jpgIts the start of the day.  A cold morning, when she would have loved to stay under the covers.  Instead, she gets up and goes through the motions of dressing for work.  But when she opens her wardrobe to pick out a dress, her hands stray.  To the colours that are now stacked in a corner of her wardrobe.  Something in her heart says.. “Lets pick a nice colour.”

So she ignores her regular sober dull attires, hanging listlessly, in her wardrobe.  Instead, she picks up something in green.  Clothes that she hasn’t worn in almost two years.

As she walks into work that day, she sees the wonder in everyone’s eyes.  The women are admiring her beauty.  The men too, of course.  Her friends comment on how well she looks.  Even the mirror reminds her.  “Had you forgotten how beautiful you are?  Look, what a little colour does to you!”

After almost two years, she is wearing such clothes.  And it shows.  She looks beautiful.  And she feels beautiful! Walking tall… with her head held high.

For the past two years, her favorite colourful clothes suffocated her.  But Not Today.  Perhaps, the dark days are over.  This is the first sign, that her shattered heart is healing. 

She is beautiful.  And finally she has healed enough, to FEEL beautiful.