treasure-box.gifTearing across the playground, chasing a butterfly
his eyes land on something glinting in the sunlight
He picks it up , holding it this way then that
A wobbly shaped stone, coloured blue and black

Oh! he is going to be rich, its a treasure …
to add to his treasure chest, its so precious!
he runs home, and quietly retrieves a box
hidden in his little drawer, under his socks

The box holds his precious posessions
a medley of different shapes and hues
all sticks and stones treasured for so long
trophies of his forays into the playground

His heart blooms, as he surveys his treasures
adding the latest stone to the pile with pleasure
how wonderfull, he is as rich as a king
or perhaps richer than all the kings!

Watching from the doorway she smiles
oh! her sweet and innocent child
Her little prince, surveying his kingdom
his little treasure of sticks and stones


© 2008 Anamika

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Sticks and stones by Anamika is licensed under a
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