He runs towards me in his wibbly wobbly walk
I sweep him into my arms and let him talk
He wraps his soft lil arms tightly around me
And presses his cheek to mine, ah ’tis bliss

Tired after an evening in the park
Nicely scrubbed and clean after his bath
Sigh! The smell of his soft baby perfume
Soft hair smelling of baby shampoo

Ready to fall asleep is my lil wonder
He lays his head on my shoulder
Soon his eyes droop gently
A smile plays on his lips quietly

Sleep tight my lil angel
Mommy will watch over her lil angel
Mommy will never let anyone hurt you
Sleep my lil angel, your mommy loves you

Β ~Anamika

Β© 2007 Anamika

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My lil angel by Anamika is licensed under a
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Image source: http://www.babysleepseminars.com.au

This poem was originally published on my blogspot blog here atΒ  9/24/2007