I am going back, back to my city
Where winters are harsh, and summers are harsher
A city that is hard, fast, ugly and uncaring
Where I learned all that life could teach me

A city where my childhood chortled
Where I fell in love, and my heart blossomed
Where I saw betrayal and pain
Where my dreams were shattered

I ran away from the city, and ran hard
Away from a bitter sweet past
From memories lurking in every nook and cranny
But all that I left behind me was the city

I ran to the beautiful cities of the world
New York, Hong Kong, London
But still my heart craved for what I left behind
My city, my home, my love, my pain

Now I am going back, to perhaps start again
Or maybe carry on where I had left off…
I am going back to the only place
Where my life is, to perhaps live again…..


© 2007 Anamika

Creative Commons License

I am going back by Anamika is licensed under a
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This poem was first published in my blogspot blog here on  10/12/2007