A view of Merrick Butte and a large dune in foreground by Norbert RosingThe brown dust slowly settles down
Gradually she feels the lull after the storm
She looks around, beyond the receding tornado
Her life changed forever, an empty hollow

A calmness settles on everything as far as her sight goes
The calm that means she doesn’t need to fight anymore
No battles that don’t allow her a moment’s rest
Taking away any excuse to keep her tears suppressed

In the clarity of the dawn after the storm
She sees her new world… emerge around
Alone standing at the end of the vast desert
She contemplates the time lying ahead

She heaves, breathing in the hot air stream
And she being she… picks up another impossible dream
No, not a battle in its truest sense, but a struggle nonetheless
Slowly a smile forms on her lips … she is on her way again


© 2008 Anamika

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