A Woman Walks on the Beach

Still hurting inside, shivering violently in the sun

She reaches out to touch someone… anyone

To her horror she merely gropes an empty space

All her ‘friends’ had busily moved on, along the way


While she had withdrawn into her shell to fight her battles

The world outside moved on, as she quietly tested her mettle

Finally triumphant as she walks out of the deep abyss

The vast empty space around her makes her heart twist


She sighs, and starts putting one step ahead of another

Alone but still moving, she hopes to acquire fellow travellers

By the mere action of putting one step ahead of another

As she walks, deep in her chest a butterfly’s wings flutter


She looks out into the empty space and the settling dust

Unsure of her future, she quietly walks into the fading dusk


© 2008 Anamika

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She walks onby Anamika is licensed under a
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