Close-up of Green Blades of GrassThe cool air on my face in the morning

A song in my ears that’s positively rocking

The memory of my sleeping son, smiling

When I kissed him goodbye this morning


My heart lifts, and my soul smiles


I spend the day in work, and compete against myself

Proud of my work, irrespective of its significance

Productivity, utilization, performance numbers sway

Battles lost and won, lil triumphs pepper my day


My heart lifts, and my soul smiles (although a lil tired this time)


I anticipate an evening in my lil one’s presence

Music, playfulness and nothing of any consequence

Watching movies late night or just sleeping away

To awake another day, and hopefully repeat today


My heart lifts, and my soul smiles


I am in love with today. I am in love with life

I hope this love affair lasts a lifetime!


© 2009 Richa

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