Sounds improbable and impossible at first go.  What is the need? And even if it is required, is it really possible?

Just caught a late night debate on “we the people” with Barkha Datt on whether blogs should be regulated or not.  That got me thinking about the world around me (Blog world, that is).

Before I even comment on the topic of blog regulation, I will add my two bits about the beast called blog-world, that just keeps growing.  Kind of like its parent the Internet, that keeps growing, without any space constraints of the real world.

Kinds of Bloggers: 

“It takes all kinds to make a world.”

And the same is true for the blog world, just as it is for the real physical world around us. 

This is of course not an official categorization, but according to me most people enter the blog world with an agenda.  Unlike the physical world where we don’t really have a choice, about entering the world!

1. The Creative Writers:  Most people in this category are here to say what they are feeling, un-censored.  Also of course to give a voice to their thoughts without requiring the stamp of approval of a publisher.  Bloggers who blog for the creative release that this space affords them. 

2. The Water Cooler Gang:  The gang is also here to say what it feels like/ is in their hearts.  But the reason they are here is not, creative release (Lets face it, all of us can’t be poets and story tellers).  But just like a physical world water cooler group offers relaxation and socialising, this virtual group does too. (more…)

Number 10,000

A first milestone for this blog.  I had started this blog a few months back (August ’07).  And now we have hit our first milestone in this blog’s history…. the 10,000 mark!!!!

A big thank you to all the friends and readers who have contributed in the sucess of this blog!

Now I CAN say that this blog is successfull (in my little world it is 🙂 )!

A good start to the new year! Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

HotIf you’ve got a blog, this is a MUST SEE site; The Hottest keyword list on Google trends. Hot Trends, launched around mid may this year gives a listing of the hottest searches on Google on any given day, or in the last hour!

Plus it maintains a daily history! So you can change the date and see what were the hottest searches on a given date. Although, understandably, you cant search for a date before 15th May 2007. (Given thats when this kewl tool was launched!)

Now I don’t need to spell it out, but I will. If your blog or web site had a targeted audience (unlike this blog 😉 ), say web developers. (more…)

Had been literally loosing it lately. Till now the best way I had tackled emotional pain was to ignore it and it would die down in a while. But when it got too much decided to go the other way for once and examine my pain, and let it take over me.

Bad bad bad decision. I had been right the first time. When I let the emotional stuff take over, it nearly smothered me. I had been right in being cautious of the intensity of my emotions. Like a true Scorpio, the intensity of my emotions if allowed to run wild can be fatal.  (more…)