Forest Path by Hein Van Den HeuvelThe world goes about its business, quietly
Searching in the cupbooard of my memory
I strive to ferret out one pure strand
of raw emotion and come up with an empty hand
nothing bursts with joy or aches with unseen wounds…
nothing at all… isn’t that wonderful?


© 2009 Richa

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Nothing at all by Richa is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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is it so easy to share one’s happiness, but so hard to share one’s sorrows?

I have been buried under work and social obligations for the past few weeks. And that is my only pathetic excuse for not having any presence in this space.  But honest reasons always sound pathetic.  

Apologies to everyone.  I am a mean lazy person.  I just couldn’t find the strength or the time to log on to my blog.

But today when I resurfaced here after almost 3 weeks I was surprised by the new interface that WordPress has gifted to us.  I love it! Its so much more organized… Thank you WordPress team!

Yesterday I aged another year (I hope like fine wine).

This time it was an interesting day, started by a lazy morning spent sleeping, an all you can eat lunch with ‘Free Beer’, an amusement park for my son, a bad eye poke as a birthday gift (by my own son) ! And loads and loads of friends calling in to wish me.

Thank you GOD! Not bad I must say. Interesting day indeed.

Next year I won’t mind a repeat performance.

Although GOD, it will be much appreciated if you leave the ‘eye poking’ incident out, next year! 🙂

An immature and childish thinking

And the power to decide one’s life’s course

A lethal combination….

Was just browsing some of my posts in wordpress and realised that I have definitely written more poems than what is posted here… so am re-posting my blogger poems here…

Somehow I was not able to keep up the Blogger account as updated as wordpress….

Some of them are my favorites like the ‘Blue Playground’ and ‘Summer Queen’…. hope you all enjoy them too as much as I do every time I re-read them from time to time 🙂


This is the image of one of the homes that had been my abode in the past.  An image that still reminds me of the peaceful summery days, when the sunlight dappled on our laughing Buddha… And the warm wind rustled up in the trees…

Sigh, a lovely memory!

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