da vinci diamond

Oh wow! It could actually be a hail of diamonds right now on two planets of our solar system. A research done almost 8 years back had indicated that the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Neptune and Uranus is such, that diamonds would form under the high pressure and temperature conditions of the planet. Once these diamonds are formed, they would fall on the surface of the planet like raindrops!!!

Ooh! Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight to watch…. Diamonds raining from the heavens…

I know this is really really old news! But raining diamonds!!! That is any girls favorite dream…. Even better than raining men huh!


spitbabyWhatever mom does, the baby does too. So if mommy smokes, the baby does too. No no no! Stop! Before you start getting images of little sweet innocent babies with the cigarette hanging out of their mouth…heaven forbid!

A latest study conducted shows that babies of mothers who smoked, sleep less. (more…)

astro circle

An overtly simplistic description of Astrology is said to be the study of the stars and how their movements affect our life on Earth. 

The movement and changes in positions of stars and planets DO NOT affect us. What we see in the stars and the motion of the planets is a reflection of what is actually happening on Earth. There are many cycles in our lives, from the daily rotation of the planet, to the yearly revolution around the Sun, to even larger cycles. These are reflected in the planets and stars as well. 

It would be more accurate to say that these movements are reflective of the cycles that are happening, on Earth and throughout the Universe. And, they don’t predict specific events as much as they show us the influences that are happening around us. The energies that influence the movements of other ‘heavenly bodies’ in the universe also impact the humans residing on earth.

So a better definition of astrology is: The study of the motions of the planets and stars and how they reflect the influences of forces and energies on our lives. 

Personally, I believe one should not discard this tool as freely as just some gibberish. It is an important tool that can help us chart the life path better. On the other hand one cannot allow just astrology to guide us. It can be a factor in helping us understand what influences are impacting our lives at a given time, and make informed decisions. 

In the end, you have to use your own better judgment to make decisions in your life.