An immature and childish thinking

And the power to decide one’s life’s course

A lethal combination….


Flowers and Butterflies by Florian KleinefennAs she walks out into the sun
Her eyes following the fountain
Water shimmering in the brilliant glaze
Like blue green sapphires rising in the spray

She walks further into the light
A small flutter of colour catches her eye
She holds her breath watching the summer sky
As the sun catches the brilliant colours of a butterfly

There is another one flitting round the yellow flower
Followed blithely by several more, looking spectacular
She has never seen so many butterflies in her life
And she knows it is time to acknowledge the sign

The dark clouds are lifting finally
As life reawakens to a lilting melody
A dark and painful past is ending
And she breathlessly awaits a new beginning

Flowers and Butterflies 

© 2008 Anamika

Creative Commons License

Butterfly season by Anamika is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

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The circumstances will always be troublesome, the big picture may never look rosy… but the small moments in the day, when I see my lil’ one laugh, when I smile, when I howl with laughter with my gal friends, when I snicker at the comedy on a movie screen, when I read something profound, when I meditate….or simply when I am dead tired after a full day of work and an evening spent playing in the park with my lil one…

This is it!!! This IS life…

These moments, this time IS life….

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Charecter from \'For Better or For Worse\'To grow old like Elly (from the comic strip For Better or For Worse)…

With a life rich with love lost and gained…

Children who love you… then hate you (teenage years) and then love you again (post teen years)…. 

To have a past full of friends, family, irritating neighbours and understanding buddies….

And a present that has all of the above still in your life, and a quietly funny disposition to still loose weight and look like she used to, in her twenties….

Sounds improbable and impossible at first go.  What is the need? And even if it is required, is it really possible?

Just caught a late night debate on “we the people” with Barkha Datt on whether blogs should be regulated or not.  That got me thinking about the world around me (Blog world, that is).

Before I even comment on the topic of blog regulation, I will add my two bits about the beast called blog-world, that just keeps growing.  Kind of like its parent the Internet, that keeps growing, without any space constraints of the real world.

Kinds of Bloggers: 

“It takes all kinds to make a world.”

And the same is true for the blog world, just as it is for the real physical world around us. 

This is of course not an official categorization, but according to me most people enter the blog world with an agenda.  Unlike the physical world where we don’t really have a choice, about entering the world!

1. The Creative Writers:  Most people in this category are here to say what they are feeling, un-censored.  Also of course to give a voice to their thoughts without requiring the stamp of approval of a publisher.  Bloggers who blog for the creative release that this space affords them. 

2. The Water Cooler Gang:  The gang is also here to say what it feels like/ is in their hearts.  But the reason they are here is not, creative release (Lets face it, all of us can’t be poets and story tellers).  But just like a physical world water cooler group offers relaxation and socialising, this virtual group does too. (more…)

While blankly staring at the TV screen, her thoughts took an unexpected turn.  Despite all that her well wishers told her, she would never wish her life story to be anyone else’s.  Even though all the mishaps or misfortunes to befall her are quiet common. 

Almost half the women in today’s time would be sitting alone in their homes at night, while their children slept, and they sipped tea or watched TV, tired with bearing the responsibilities of life.  This is so common now.  Half the children grow up seeing their mothers grow old and tired and disillusioned like this.  Some women fight and put on a brave face, while others crumble.  But the pain is there, always.  (more…)

SunshineThank you GOD for this morning.  After a long time I just woke up and I felt peace.  No sorrowful feelings about the past.  (GOD and my best friends know how tough and dark some moments of my past have been.)  And to top it I didn’t worry about the future either. That is one heck of a hobby I have, worrying about the future.  (And these days I have a lot more than normal to worry about anyway.)

I was at peace in those moments, and didn’t need something special or good to happen to make me happy.  Although the fact that nothing bad happened either also was a factor in this peace.  (I think waking up a little earlier and not having to rush through my morning also had something to do with it! )  🙂

Thank you GOD for those lovely moments. 

(Fingers crossed that may I be blessed with such moments again in my life!)

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